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Need to tackle problem of Wahhabi communities and Paradzemats


Srpska Interior Minister Dragan Lukac calls for an adequate reaction from the political, religious and judicial institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina to tackle the problem of the Wahhabi communities and ‘paradzemats,’ which number more than 60 in the Federation of BiH.
“The Ministry of the Interior of Republika Srpska has been issuing warnings for a long time about the formation of the Wahhabi communities and ‘paradzemats’ in BiH, and of the radical Islamists trying to impose their religion and laws in BiH and become a decisive factor, which is why we need an adequate response from all institutions,” Lukac told the Banjaluka Nedeljnik weekly.

In his opinion, the radical Islamists see Bosnia and Herzegovina as a good place they can operate from towards Europe.

“The Federation of BiH, and above all, the Bosniak leaders, have turned a blind eye to what is happening in their own back yard, but after the recent terrorist attacks in Rajlovac, Sarajevo, etc. it is clear that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a terrorist target,” added Lukac.

According to him, sentencing the persons returning from the Syrian war to 12 months in prison and allowing them to pay some money instead of going to prison is not a stimulating measure and will not prevent young people from going to the foreign battlefields.

Lukac says that the Srpska Interior Ministry is doing all it can to prevent any security problems and respond in an adequate manner, asserting that cooperation between the security agencies in BiH is crucial for the fight against terrorism.

Commenting on an investigation into an attempted assassination of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic in Potocari in 2015, Lukac said that the BiH Prosecutor’s Office had not done anything so far.

“There’s no justification for that, because this case has to have an epilogue. There has not been a single police or prosecutorial decision made, even though the Srpska Interior Ministry had identified a number of persons and launched a certain investigation,” said Lukac.

Source: SRNA


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