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Negotiations begin on Banjaluka-Split highway


Highways of Republika Srpska are conducting activities related to the preparation for construction of the road running from Banjaluka to Split, Croatia.

The director of the public company Dušan Topić said at yesterday’s presentation that the route of the future highway should go from node “Glamočani” over Kola and Manjača Plateau and further west from Mrkonjić Grad up to Baraći, to the inter-entity boundary with the Federation of BiH.

The length of the road Banjaluka-Split is 186.1 km, while the largest part of the route, in length of 99.2 kilometers, runs through the territory of the RS. Around 65 kilometers should be built through the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a total of 21.9 kilometers through Croatia, to the node “Čaporice”.

It is estimated that the route through Srpska should cost about 1.5 billion euros, while the construction will be done in two phases in order to provide the necessary funds. 


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