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Nele Karajlić in Zvornik Presents the Novel “Thessaloniki 28”


Nenad Janković, better known as Dr. Nele Karajlić, presented his novel “Thessaloniki 28” – part one and two last night in Zvornik.

Janković said that the novel “Thessaloniki 28” was a kind of metaphor for the Serbian people, what was happening to him in the 20th century, what ideas, as well as misconceptions, that pushed him in some direction.

“Of course, I presented all this through a personal story, because I can’t do anything that lacks emotion, I can’t write unless the human being is in the spotlight with all its good and bad sides,” Janković told reporters.

He says that the novel should be read, first of all, for some immediacy. “I do not know if I succeed in this or not, but it is important to me that when they read the book, they tell me: it is really good and easy to read,” Janković added.

Talking about his novel “Fajront u Sarajevu”, he pointed out that the point of contact with the book was only the writer.

“It’s an autobiographical saga of a time and a country that is more to us. Who knows, maybe it will happen again, because it is obvious that nobody here can be sure which direction the history goes, ” Janković said.

He stated that he was surprised by a large number of people who came for tonight’s promotion, noting that it was somehow a sign that the culture was still alive.

“Whether I am the one pushing the culture or the one pushing me, it is all the same, but I look forward to so many people who have come to attend the presentation of my books,” Karajlic said.

The sponsor of the promotion, held at the Zvornik Youth Center, is the Zvornik City Administration.

In 2014, Nenad Janković wrote the autobiography Fajront in Sarajevo. He is also the author of the book “The FBI – The Tesla Dossier”, a crime story in verse that staged a multimedia theatrical performance in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Banja Luka in 2016.




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