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Nešić: Disastrous data on Serbs employed in federation


DNS member of parliament in the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, Nenad Nešić told SRNA that the data on the number of Serbs employed in the cantons of the BiH Federation are disastrous, thus any theory about respecting the 1991 census came to naught since the numbers are pitiless.

Nešić says he has received replies from only five cantons to the parliamentary question he asked the prime ministers of ten cantonal governments in the BiH Federation on May 11 to proved him with within 30 days, which was about the exact number of Serbs employed in the police, public administration, public institutions and enterprises.

“The data are disastrous,” Nešić emphasized.

He points out that each canton in the Federation is a story in itself.

“The very fact that I received an answer from only five cantons in two months, says it all. Those who insisted on employment based on the 1991 census for nearly three decades, have reduced Serbs to the level of a statistical error,” Nešić stated.

He says only 10 Serbs are employed in public institutions in the Central Bosnia Canton. There are only six percent of Serbs out of the total number of employees, with only 72 employees declaring themselves as Serbs, in the Ministry of Interior /MoI/.

In the Tuzla Canton, Nešić states, seven out of 476 employees in public institutions are Serbs, while 112 Serbs out of 1,986 employees are employed in the Ministry of the Interior and the police.

“18 Serbs are employed in the institutions of the Bosnia-Podrinje Canton with only 21 being employed in the MoI. After such devastating data, they are trying to blur the numbers by saying the Ministry of Finance employs five percent of Serbs in relation to the total number of employees. Once you take a better look, you realize it is about a single person!”, pointed out Nešić.

Nešić states that it is clear why there are no Serbs in the Federation.

“In order to be able to live somewhere, you have to be equal and employed, have the right to your own language and alphabet and be constitutive, which Serbs are not yet in the three cantons,” Nešić reminded.

He adds it is good that the Government of Republika Srpska has paid significant attention to Serbs living in the Federation in recent years in creating conditions for sustainable return.

“That should continue as these people can obviously only count on the assistance from Republika Srpska,” Nešić concluded.


Source: SRNA


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