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Nestorović: Dodik does a great job, has our full support


The holder of the list “We, the voice of the people” Branimir Nestorović said that the president of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik is doing a great job at the moment and has the courage to say some things that no one should.

“I have said many times that I support Dodik, regardless of what they accuse him of. For example, that sentence ‘it’s time to unite Republika Srpska, Serbia and Montenegro’ delighted me. It is a Serbian cultural space, it is the same people, the same genetics, everything is the same, and why can’t we unite”, Nestorović emphasized.

He said that the movement “We, the voice of the people” will advocate for this, and that, after Kosovo, this is one of their first goals.

“We met because of Kosovo, and our goal is the unification of all Serbian countries and the resovereignization of Serbia,” explained Nestorović.

Commenting on Dodik’s statement that “we will never forgive those in Serbia who plant hatred towards Republika Srpska”, Nestorović said that they should not be forgiven for dividing the Serbs, because there is already enough “on this side of the Drina”, “on the other side of the Drina “.

He also stressed that he really likes the fact that the president of Republika Srpska cut off contact with the German and British ambassadors.

Nestorović told Television Prva that his movement is directly involved in the defense of the president of Republika Srpska, through lawyer Branko Lukić, who is defending Dodik in Sarajevo, and that they know what is happening.

“The lawsuit against Dodik is an attempt to destroy Republika Srpska. We Serbs are being attacked on all fronts – in Kosovo and Metohija, Republika Srpska, Montenegro and in Serbia, and we have to defend ourselves. The first thing is to tell people what is happening,” said Nestorović.

He added that his movement has a list, like Russia did, of friendly and hostile countries. “We made that list and we are friendly with five countries from the EU that did not accept the recognition of independent Kosovo and Metohija, and of course Russia, China, India… All the others are hostile to us and we know how to treat hostile countries,” Nestorović stated.


Source: srna.rs


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