Home Health Netherlands has the healthiest diet, B&H ranked 57th

Netherlands has the healthiest diet, B&H ranked 57th


The Netherlands has overtaken France and Switzerland as the country with the most nutritious, plentiful and healthiest diet, while B&H ranks 57th in a survey of 125 countries conducted by Oxfam, an international network of humanitarian organisations fighting global poverty.

Oxfam ranked countries according to food affordability, quality and price. It also took into account the percentage of undernourished children, food diversity and access to clean water, as well as negative outcomes for health such as obesity and diabetes.

The first 20 places are occupied by European countries, the sole exception being Australia. Among the top 10 are Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Italy and Portugal.

The bottom of the list is occupied mostly by African countries together with Laos, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. Chad is ranked last, 125th.


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