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New 33 Services in the Srpska Health System


The Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of Srpska will fund 33 new services this year, for which patients have been referred for treatment outside of Srpska.

The health care system of Srpska has been available with the KSAFA apparatus since January 1 (Kostic’s selective auditory filter applicator), the HIF has announced.

It is about the diagnosis of hearing and the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of speech and language in children with different degrees of hearing development, children with the pathology of speech-language communication development, and children with behavioral and learning disorders with an emphasis on the period from birth to seven years.

This service will be available at the Center for Specialist Social Services “For Mother and Child” at the expense of the Srpska Health Insurance Fund.

Previously, insured persons from the Republic of Srpska who had health problems of this type had to go for treatment outside of Srpska.

“The Fund will fully fund this service, therefore, without the personal participation of the insured, since children under 15 years of age are exempt from participation. In addition, new health services in the fields of radiology, oncology, intensive medicine and the like are being introduced at the University-Clinical Center / UKC / Srpska this year, ” the FZ Srpska said.

According to the UKC, a new diagnostic service called “ABUS” / Automated breast sound is available, which can detect breast cancer in the early stages, which should allow for greater success in the treatment of this disease, since it is very difficult to cure completely. important detection of early-stage malignancy.

New diagnostic services are being introduced in the field of dermatovenorology, which can help to detect skin malignancies more quickly, while in the field of intensive medicine, a “thromboelastometry” service is introduced, which is important for reducing the number of complications due to the treatment of blood derivatives.

As far as biochemical laboratory diagnostics, microbiology and pathology are concerned, the HIF states, 27 new services are being introduced that should significantly improve the availability of healthcare in Srpska.

The HIF points out that it will continue to support hospitals with regard to the introduction of new health care services, as the aim is to channel the funds now being allocated for treatment outside of Srpska to this healthcare system, that is, health institutions in Republika Srpska.

“In 2020, the Fund continues the trend of allocating more funds for hospital health care by KM 10.5 million compared to the plan from 2019, which clearly indicates the Fund’s commitment to preserving the health system, inter alia, by introducing new ones. procedures, that is, health services, medicines and the like, ”the statement said.

The HIF reminds that new services are continuously being introduced into the health system of Srpska thanks to the education of staff and the equipping of health facilities with new medical equipment, the aim is to improve the availability of health care and reduce the need for treatment beyond the borders of Srpska.




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