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New Courthouse to be opened in Trebinje thanks to EU support


The Municipal and the District Court of Trebinje as well as the District Prosecutor’s Office will be accommodated in a new building thanks to the EUR 1.5 million support of the European Union.

During the ceremony of laying the foundations for the building on 14 May Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to BiH Khaldoun Sinno stressed that the EU has already provided more than EUR 50 million for the judicial sector in BiH, out of that EUR 20 million for the infrastructure.

Strong rule of law is crucial for BiHʹs progress towards the EU. Adequate infrastructure is only part of this. You can have beautiful buildings but still weak judiciary, that is why we also support judiciary elsewhere. In partnerships with the Institutions, but also the citizens, we will work hard on this, and we expect everyone to work hard on this“, said Sinno.

The judicial institutions in Trebinje currently do not have adequate facilities. The new building will provide judges and prosecutors with better working conditions and citizens with better services. This will improve the workflow, increase the productivity and decrease the backlogs.

The construction of Courthouse in Trebinje is a part of the wider EU efforts in supporting modernization and reconstruction of courts and prosecutors’ offices throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim to support the enhancement of the rule of law in the country.

Within the project the EU Delegation successfully cooperated with The High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of BiH and the Government of Sweden which financed the project designs as well as local authorities which ensured the space and necessary permits.

The EU provided over EUR 7.5 million from IPA 2015 for the reconstruction of 9 judicial institutions, which will be implemented in 2018 and 2019.




Source: sarajevotimes


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