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New factory to open in Bijeljina


The management of the Tehnicki Remont Company of Bratunac, headed by owner Slaven Ristic, is expanding its business to the territory of Bijeljina after the Company was successfully privatized, with the desire to rehabilitate the production capacities of the Elvako Company.

In August 2017, the Tehnicki Remont Company Bratunac leased business premises and production facilities of the Elvako Company in bankruptcy, and after all necessary conditions are met, it plans to resume business dealings as Elvako MetPro Company, which it plans to found.

The Tehnicki Remont Company says that the Company in the past year invested in the development of a new factory and employment with the aim of reviving civilian industry and partially changing the production program in order to be competitive in the market.

“One of more important projects, which we launched, is the cooperation with the German FHF Flurfördergeräte GmbH Company, which has been for years the leading company in the production of various sorts of containers, which we delivered to a client in the EU, which controlled and tested the products. All this resulted in the conclusion of agreements with Aksis and Solvium Companies, which represent the final user, the DHL Company, which is a global leader in the logistic industry,” says a press release.

Representatives of the said companies will tomorrow visit Bijeljina and an agreement worth around 80 million Euros, pertaining to the production of containers in the next five years, is expected to be concluded with them.

Around 50 people are hired in the production of containers, and after the agreement is concluded, the Company plans to significantly widen the production capacities and employ additional 300 to 350 people.

“Tehnicki Remont Bratunac is a company which basic activity is the production and repair of arms and military equipment, and having in mind that we received significant offers for development and production of products from civilian program, we decided to found a company which basic and main program is the production of civilian products, with the aim of reviving production facilities and capacities of former Elvak, and to widen production to include new and competitive products which would be sold in the EU market,” says the press release from the Tehnicki Remont Company of Bratunac.

The Company says that such projects are very important both for the area of Bijeljina and the whole Republika Srpska because of possible cooperation with important companies in the EU, by which this Company is proving that it can be competitive in that market with domestic products and domestic workforce.

“We think that such projects should be maximally supported as they provide hope to young people and a chance for them to secure a long-term existence and employment in Republika Srpska,” says the press release.

Also, this and similar projects do not mean only the development of the Tehnicki Remont Company of Bratunac, but they open prospects for cooperation between other business entities in Republika Srpska and the said companies and other companies in the EU.

The Company says that such projects to a significant degree help the implementation of the Republika Srpska Government’s employment program.




Source: srna


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