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New Methods of Medical Treatment to be introduced Next Year?

The Health Insurance Fund of the RS will finance a total of 26 new healthcare services that will be available next year.

This mostly refers to services for which patients in that entity had to go to institutions that are located outside the RS.

“Among newly introduced services are nine highly-sophisticated procedures that will be applied in the treatment of prostate cancer, oncological diseases with painful bone metastases, thyroid gland cancer and other serious oncological diseases,” as confirmed by the Healthcare Insurance Fund of the RS.

These are very expensive procedures that the Fund will pay for patients that are suffering from malignant diseases in the amount from 1,600 BAM to 14,600 BAM per procedure, while insured patients who are not exempt from paying will only pay for the participation.

They also reminded that participation for services that cost more than 500 BAM is 5 % of the cost of the service, while the maximum amount of participation for one service is 370 BAM.

Moreover, all insured patients will have the carotid stent installation service available as well, and these services were not performed by any healthcare institution in the RS before.

In the field of chest surgery, five most modern surgical methods will be introduced with the use of the “Vats” (Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery) technology, which were not performed in hospitals in the RS before and which the Fund will pay in the total amount of about 4000 BAM.




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