Home News New railway line: By train from Republika Srpska to Belgrade

New railway line: By train from Republika Srpska to Belgrade


From December 15, a new timetable for Serbia train enters into force, and a new Belgrade – Zvornik departure is introduced.

In this way, for the first time, a town in Republika Srpska will be connected to the capital of Serbia.

Trains of the Serbian Railway went through the Drina River after the completion of the reconstruction of the Sabac – Loznica railway, when the line from Ruma was extended further to the west of the country and further to Zvornik.

However, for the first time, a line from Belgrade Center is being introduced, so that in addition to Zvornik, Sabac and Loznica will have a direct rail connection with Belgrade.

Departure from Belgrade is at 14.02, and arrival at Zvornik at 18.14.

From Zvornik to Belgrade departure is at 7.20 hours, and arrival in Belgrade at 11.46.

It should be kept in mind that Zvornik station is located away from the town, in Karakaj.

Otherwise, there used to be another line connecting Srpska with Serbia, between Sid and Bijeljina, with an old bus. Nevertheless, the line was long terminated, probably due to the small number of passengers.




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