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New scenario for blow on Republika Srpska


 Counter-terrorism expert Dzevad Galijasevic told SRNA that today’s arrest of persons suspected of terrorism in the wider area of Sarajevo is a mere distraction and a scenario for new arrests of Serbs and blows on Republika Srpska.
Galijasevic said that this was a coerced operation which does not include important people from the Wahhabi movement, “great amounts of money” and arms.

“This is a coerced anti-terrorist operation and it is a result of pressure from American investigators in Sarajevo. These are investigations that were conducted much earlier and where nothing has been done,” Galijasevic said.

Stressing that that there is no terrorism without arms, Galijasevic asked what the arrested persons would have used to conduct an act [of terrorism] – the flag of the so-called Islamic State, which was seized during the police operation?

Even though all pressures on certain terrorist organisations are preventive in nature and should be useful, Galijasevic says that in this case, this is about a distraction from the most important security and geopolitical issue and about the attitude of great powers to BiH.

“The most important question is a conflict of central bodies directed to Republika Srpska. I am afraid that this operation, like the arrest of Sakib Mahmuljan, is but an introduction to more serious blows on Banjaluka,” Galijasevic said.

Just like after the arrest of Mahmuljan, SIPA raided the police station in Novi Grad, this operation resembles the same scenario.

“There are no important people from the Wahhabi movement or a movement supporting the Islamic community or Al-Qaeda in this operation. We do not see that important people of the terrorist-Islamic movement of BiH have been arrested. We see almost unknown Kemal Mulic as the most important person, and we do not have his name recorded as someone who is linked to any concrete terrorist operation,” Galijasevic said.

According to him, if there are no great amounts of money, and if there are no links to organised crime, then we are dealing with some “bearded fanatics, closed in their homes where they keep the flags of the Islamic State.”

Galijasevic reiterated that there is a serious suspicion that this is merely a scenario for new arrests of Serbs and blows on Republika Srpska.

Eleven persons were arrested today in Sarajevo in the Rez [Cut] police operation. Police say that they are linked to terrorism and the financing of terrorism, that they instigate people to go fight abroad and that they violate the law on freedom of religion and legal position of churches and religious communities in BiH.

Source: SRNA


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