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New tourist attractions for tourists of the town on Trebišnjica (VIDEO)


The tourist offer of the city under Leotar from year to year is becoming more diverse and offers new opportunities for tourists to return to Trebinje and share the best impressions with their friends.

The opening of the “City of the Sun” with the aqua park has been attracting numerous tourists from the region and Europe for the third consecutive year, enjoying the magic adrenaline of one of the most beautiful complexes in the region.

From this year, tourists will have four new tourist attractions available: a visit to the Umbila and the Orjen massif with a licensed tourist guide, a ride in the river Trebišnjica river, visiting the remains of the Roman bridge on Trebišnjica and the pilgrimage tour “St. Vasilije Road”.

Slavenko Vukasović recently took a group of 17 Belgians who were delighted with nature, Zubacki Ublim and Orjen in a visit to the Orjen massif. The Belgians stayed in Trebinje for seven days and spent all days in nature.

“Through a casual conversation, at the most beautiful location of that day-sighting on the rise to Kabao, they asked me” where are the rest of the tourists? “And I told them that for now there are almost no tourists on the Orjen, which on the one hand is good – because mass tourism can endanger the sensitive ecosystem, and on the other, it is bad because the possibilities for mountain tourism are enormous considering the potentials of this massif, “Vukasović told TrebinjeLive.info.

Slavenko says that he and all members of the Vučji Zub Hiking Society hope that the Orjen area will officially be proclaimed a protected area and that ultimately it will be prevented from the curl, illegal logging, garbage disposal.

“Orjen already has all the preconditions for this status, and in addition, the latest discoveries of a large number of endemic species by recognized domestic and international scientists with which our society has excellent cooperation”, says Vukasović.

And while tourists from Belgium decided to visti natural beauties around Trebinje, the tourist offer of the city under Leotar will soon be expanded with ten ships on the Trebišnjica river.

These ships, which were made within the project “Life on the border of BiH and Montenegro – the old paths of timeless heritage and tradition”, will soon be launched, and after that, they will be able to catch them all interested citizens and tourists. The boat will be able to rent the marina at the Old Town, after which they will have the opportunity to cross from Banja to Stubica at the swimming pool in Bregovi.

The director of the Tourist Organization of the City, Marko Radić, says that from the conversation with members of “Vučje teeth” he learned that an increasing number of foreign tourist groups appear for mountaineering.

“With the members of the Wolf Tooth, there is also our fellow citizen, Siniša Kunić, who also works for similar tours along the mountain and mountain peaks near Trebinje,” says Radić.

He pointed out that, apart from the boat and visits to the natural environment, the new tourist route will be the “St. Vasilija Trail”, where they have already set up tourist guides, made promotional material, and internet promotion is in progress.

“We wanted to show pilgrims visiting the Ostrog monastery that near the candle is the birthplace of Mrkonjići, and the monasteries Zavala and Tvrdoš where he dreamed and stayed,” says Radić.

And the new tourist destination will be the remains of the Roman bridge that connected the Police and Gorizia, for which there is credible literature, so that interested tourists on the route for a long time will have the opportunity to visit Perović / Arslanagić bridge, stećci, remnants of the Roman bridge, medieval Castle Mičevac.


Source: seesrpska


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