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New Winter Season on Jahorina Opened


Jahorina Olympic Center is again the first in the region to launch a ski resort.
In the first days of the ski resort, there was an increase in traffic by almost twice.

The new season was officially opened this weekend with the launch of the Poljica anchor lift and the burning of the Olympic flame, followed by a spectacular concert by British pop music legend Bryan Ferry.

The opening ceremony of the winter season was attended by Director of the Jahorina Olympic Center Mr. Dejan Ljevnaic, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Mr. Nedeljko Elek, Doppelmayr Mr. Bernard Kershbaum, as well as senior officials from the Government of Republika Srpska and the Ministry.

On this occasion, the director of the Jahorina Olympic Center Dejan Ljevnaic said: We have completed 8 major projects during the summer and everything is completed on time and within the stipulated time, which guarantees us the most successful ski season ever.

Jahorina is the largest pearl of Republika Srpska and I thank the RS Government for its great support and, in particular, for Mr. Dodik. I wish the skiers at least 140 days of skiing and a good time on our mountain! ”

Nedeljko Elek, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, added: “We have fulfilled all our promises, Jahorina is now the most visited destination in the region, but we will not stop there. We are also planning a lot of investments for the summer season, which are already ready. ”

Bernard Kershbaum, a representative of the Doppelmayr company that worked on the construction of the Poljica anchor lift, said he was pleased with what was done on Jahorina.

“The elevator anchor has a capacity of 1,200 skiers per hour, is easy to maintain and I hope it will serve this mountain for at least 40 years. Jahorina has great potential and I hope there will be more joint projects in the future. ”

The opening of the 2019/20 winter season was marked by the symbolic burning of the Olympic Flame, which will burn throughout the year, reminiscent of the Olympics in Jahorina. The world judo champion Nemanja Majdov and the Olympians and Paralympians: Miro Pandurevic, Momo Skokic, Aleksandra Vasiljevic, Zana Novakovic, Tanja Karisik, Mirjana Granzov, Nijaz Memic and Jovica Goreta participated in the burning of the flames.

Then came the biggest spectacle ever remembered on Jahorina, a gala concert by the most famous pop musician in modern history – Bryan Ferry.

Almost two thousand people had the opportunity to enjoy and sing with the pop legend. The interest in this audio and visual music spectacle is also evidenced by the fact that the tickets were completely sold out a few days before the concert.

Jahorina opened a new season with a fantastic concert and announced many surprises for the coming period.





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