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New Year expectations in BiH


BiH Entities Prime Ministers, Fadil Novalic and Zeljka Cvijanovic, in the New Year expect improvements in the economic situation and continuation of reforms provided in Reform Agenda.

In his New Year message to citizens, Novalic wishes them progress in 2016, more prosperity, health and success.

“The year we are leaving behind us was full of challenges. We responded successfully to most of them and proved that, with clear and courageous decisions, we can move forward.

In next year we will continue along the same way. Reforms are necessary because the path to the EU is the only way for this state to become a society which is able to provide every individual an equal chance of personal prosperity. Therefore, I invite you to accept them not as something imposed on us, but as a necessity in order to have more jobs, better social protection, better education and a better future in general, Novalic emphasised in his message.

RS Prime Minister, Zeljka Cvijanovic, said that this year was hard but successful for this entity. She added that RS Government fulfilled everything planned for this year but that some statistical data show different results.

“Knowing what we planned and what we are planning for the future, I can be satisfied. But still, we have many open issues which we must face in next year”, Cvijanovic said.

She added that economic measures described in 2015 Economic Policy document became a part of the Reform Agenda and that solution for reform of public sector and economic system were defined.

“In our 2016 Economic Policy we have a lot of thing from this year’s document and it is not accidental. What we begun this year we will continue for several years and it is logical to be defined in the next year’s document”, Cvijanovic explained.

The president of the Association of Employers of Federation BiH Safudin Cengic said to the media that BiH has recorded growth in all parameters in 2015, and that employers are satisfied with the work that has been done, but that they are expecting more concrete results in the coming year, with the support of the Government.

“BiH has recorded significant progress; we have GDP growth of 2%, with an emphasis on the growth of industrial production and investment. Moreover, we have an increase in the number of employees of 2.5%. However, we still have to work on reducing of the budget deficit of the entities, as well as the public debt, which continues to grow”, Cengic stated.

He said that the positive trend has to be continued and that the full effect of the cooperation between the employers, unions and governments should be expected during 2016.

Source: Independent Balkan News Agency


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