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Next year construction of solar power plants in Nevesinje


The construction of seven large solar power plants will begin next year in the Nevesinje municipality, with a total installed capacity of 500 megawatts, director of the company “Etmaks” Siniša Maksimović told SRNA.

Maksimović pointed out that this was a project of great importance, bearing in mind that at the global level the focus was increasingly on renewable energy sources, primarily solar.

He stated that the preparation of project-technical documentation had been started, and that the value of the project was estimated at around BAM 800 million.

“In accordance with the contract, we will pay a concession fee in the amount of BAM 0.0055 per kilowatt hour,” said Maksimović.

According to him, the income from the concession fee on an annual level would amount to BAM five to seven million, the largest part of which will be directed to the budget of the local community, and the rest to the budget of Srpska.

The structure of the solar park consists of one power plant with an installed capacity of 200 megawatts and six power plants of 50 megawatts each.

Maksimović said that the construction of solar power plants would be divided into four phases, and that “Etmaks” planned to hire around 100 new workers.

“The benefits of this project are multiple, from the fact that renewable energy sources will be used, that we will produce additional amounts of electricity, to the fact that by building such a capital project, we will acquire additional and improve existing knowledge, thereby becoming competitive on the global market,” Maksimović emphasized.

He noted that the contract on the concession, which was granted for a period of 50 years, was signed with the Minister of Energy and Mining of Republika Srpska, Peter Đokić, and that “Etmaks” paid a one-time fee in the amount of BAM seven million to the budget of Republika Srpska before signing the contract.

Maksimović said that this was the largest project of this company, which has been operating for more than 10 years and has built a large number of power plants with a total installed power of 60 megawatts.


Source: srna.rs


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