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Next Year New Attractions on Manjača


We have ambitious plans for the Tourist and Recreation Center “Manjača”, and the goal is to make this beautiful landscape and Lake Šljivo next year not only a destination for Banja Luka residents but also for the region, said Draško Ilić, director of the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development.

According to him, the plan is to completely revive this area, after Lake Šljivno was successfully cleaned and put into operation this year.

“Despite the pandemic, this season has ended successfully. Many citizens have recognized this part of the city as a great place to relax and swim, especially on weekends, and our goal is to complete the content next year and provide new attractions around the lake on Manjaca,” said Ilić.

He added that he would talk to representatives of the City Administration and public institutions such as the Banski dvor and the Center for Preschool Education in order to initiate new events in Manjača.

“Our wish is for the art and sculpture colony to work and come to life in that area, as well as for smaller concerts to be held. Also, if the epidemiological situation allows, for schools in nature to be held in this region,” says Ilić.

As for investments around Lake Šljivno itself, as Ilić emphasized, the construction of several more summer houses is planned, so that people have a place to rest, as well as cafes, restaurants, sports fields, and much more.

“The goals are to build a sewerage network, as well as toilets and toilets. We already have investors interested in building accommodation facilities around the lake, as well as bungalows. We want to have all categories of the population interested in Manjača, from young to old, and we expect that sports and other associations will start organizing events because they are possible in this area,” Ilić explained.

He pointed out that they expect the support of the city, the Government of RS, and line ministries, as well as some other organizations in order to completely arrange that space to shine.

“We have also started the construction of a market for organic products at the very entrance to the lake, which will enable everyone who comes to buy something in Manjača, and not in Banja Luka. Our farmers from this region will also be able to sell their products such as meat and milk, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and everything else. Also, this part of the city will be even tidier and cleaner, and water testing this summer was done daily so that visitors could bathe without any problems, ” Ilić concluded.

The tourist-recreational complex “Manjača” was opened in June this year, and the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, the City Development Agency CIDEA, and the Tourist Organization of the city are working on this project.




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