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Niagara Square Named After Nikola Tesla


In the Canadian city of Niagara, Nikola Tesla Square was officially declared.

The name of the square was declared by a proclamation delivered on January 13 to the director of the Serbian Nikola Tesla School in Niagara, Borislav Živković, and a representative of the Canadian Tesla Technical Museum, Nemanja Jevremović.

The proclamation points out that with his inventions, Nikola Tesla initiated technological advancement, and it was in Niagara that this great step for humanity took place at the end of the 19th century with the construction of the first hydroelectric power plant modeled on Tesla’s polyphase system.

Today, almost all electricity in the world is produced on this principle.
Živković says this good news comes in a year where the school is celebrating two anniversaries – a decade of existence and ten years of celebrating Nikola Tesla Day in Niagara Falls.

– This success obliges us to persist in the preservation of our Serbian language, religion, culture and tradition, as well as to preserve the character and work of the eldest son of our people who left an indelible mark on the area where we live today – he said.




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