Home Business Nikola Tesla withdraws from purchase of Famos property

Nikola Tesla withdraws from purchase of Famos property


President of the Metalworkers’ Union and Miners of the Republic of Srpska Obrad Belenzada, and bankruptcy trustee of Famosa Pale Radislav Bratic, informed the workers of the company that the director of the enterprise Nikola Tesla from Banja Luka, Dusan Vjestica, officially confirmed that the company is withdrawing from purchasing assets in Famos.

“The new director of Nikola Tesla has confirmed that this company definitely gave up because they failed to provide the funds necessary to purchase the property of Famos,” said Bratic.

He said that at a meeting with the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining of Srpska Zeljko Kovacevic, they discussed other possibilities, i.e. whether the Government will participate, either directly or indirectly, in the purchase of Famosa and whether the same or similar activities will be continued by the company.

Bratic stated that it was decided that a working group will draw up a proposal to make a division of property by technological units for sale, adding that the government of Srpska could provide a strategic partner in the near future for the biggest production-technological unit.


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