Nikolina Djermanovic: 8 steps to Infinity (VIDEO)


    The Women Economic Forum was held in India as a digital Summit this year. Hundreds of influential business people shared their views on management, economy and challenges caused by the pandemic. Speakers also shared their experiences on various topics including personal development and self-growth. One story stood out. Youth empowerment activist from Novi Sad, Serbia, Nikolina Djermanovic, Tallulah Falls high school student living in the US, shared her life hacks with her fellow teenagers. Nikolina was awarded as “Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All”. How to live a meaningful life building the resilient you was the title of her speech. Here is her story.

    8 steps to Infinity

    Life is a struggle. We have to do our best, and to give our best to live the best life we can. Being a teenager in this hectic world is so harsh and challenging. However, there are some things we could do to become the best version of ourselves. These are my life hacks. Hope you’ll find them useful.

    1. Gratitude

    Thank you… Thank you my Sun for rising up for me, mom for giving me birth, amazing teachers for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us. I am grateful for all I have, for my education, family, home, friends and mentors I have. We have so much, are we grateful for what we have? How do we show our gratitude? Each moment is an opportunity to show, and to share one loud thank you to the whole world and all that’s in it for me and you. Thank you. I am blessed and grateful.

    2. Carpe diem – seize the day

    Wonders and opportunities are all around. Stop existing, and start living now! Not tomorrow, not on Monday but now. Today is a great day to start with your workouts, to read the first chapter of a new book, to change your diet at least for a bit. Today is the day and the only day we have. Now. Just seize the day.

    3. Love yourself & your body

    Accept yourself the way you are. This one is tough for young girls and boys. We are surrounded by models, examples, and habits we should all follow. But if we follow others we could lose ourselves. Girls, we don’t have to look like Victoria’s Secret models, and guys don’t have to look like Calvin Klein models. We are perfect the way we are! Our bodies are amazing! They took us to so many places, suffered for us, fought with pain and neglect. We owe all our experiences, walks, and smiles to our bodies. It’s not a statue, it is who we are, and if we don’t love and accept who we are no one could ever love and truly accept us either.

    4. Small steps every day

    Start somewhere to get somewhere. Move differently if you want something different. When you win over yourself, you win the greatest and the most challenging battle you can win. Day by day, step by step we are becoming closer to either what we want or what we don’t want to become.
    There are so many things we can do for others. Please share your hacks with me, and with all the others. Here are few of mine.

    5. Power of words

    Words are weapons too. Words make people happy, or sad, exciting, depressed.. Words change us. When an older person sits next to you on a bench in the park or at the bus station, do not ignore her, do not look somewhere else, do not put headphones, or scroll through your old messages. Instead, just listen to what they want to say to you.. because they might not have anyone else to talk to, no children, grandchildren, family, friends, not even pets. They talk to us sharing their moments, life stories and wisdom sharing their time with us. Few minutes of our time can bring so much hope in someone’s life. Talk to them, or just listen.

    6. Find a reason to be happy

    Let the world see your beautiful smile. There is always something that can make you happy! Find it, do your best to find it, and when you find it share it with a smile with the whole world. How about healing the world with enthusiasm and a smile? We could try, don’t we?

    7. Help someone

    Imagine, at least for a day, that we all live as friends and family! Imagine if an old lady, teacher, friend or that annoying person you cannot spend a moment with is someone close to you. Would you act differently? Would you be willing to help up, to support, to give them a chance? Well, all people around us are our human family. Give a hand to those in need, and get that amazing feeling of togetherness and abound we all share.

    8. Repeat all 7 steps daily as much as we can



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