Home Domestic Affairs Nine million KM loan for the project Dositej

Nine million KM loan for the project Dositej


A loan amounting to nine million KM will be provided for the project Dositej, IT equipping of schools in Srpska, through the Draft on long-term borrowing, said the Minister of Finance, Zoran Tegeltija.

He added that the total amount of the loan will be provided by domestic financial institutions and companies that are authorized by law to perform these tasks.

The loan funds will be granted to Srpska under the following conditions: a maximum repayment period of up to four years, the maximum period of deferral of payments of one year, maximum interest rate to seven percent per year and with minimum debt expenses.

Tageltija pointed out that the aim of this decision is to introduce new technologies in education, in particular the introduction the e-learning model „one on one“, which will contribute to the overall economic development of Srpska.



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