Leaders of the People’s Democratic Movement /NDP/, Serbian Democratic Party /SDS/ and Party of Democratic Progress /PDP/ said on Monday that Republika Srpska was created because the Serb people wanted it and that the day of its foundation – January 9 – is a historical fact.

NDP leader Dragan Cavic said that Republika Srpska, a historical fact, cannot be disputed and neither can the date it was founded.

“I wish everyone a happy Day of Republika Srpska on the Day of the Holy Protomartyr and Archdeacon Stephen and send a message to all who truly rejoice this day that they will celebrate it for many years to come,” Cavic told reporters in Banjaluka outside the Cathedral of Jesus Christ the Saviour, following a divine liturgy.

Cavic, the former prime minister of the entity, believes that Republika Srpska should stick to what it received through the Dayton Peace Agreement, i.e. “its sovereignty of a state within a state, which is quite enough for the Serbs under these historical circumstances.”

Wishing a happy January 9 to all, SDS chief Vukota Govedarica pointed out: “This is an indelible date in the hearts of all the people who know how to love Republika Srpska.”

He recalled that in these parts there had always existed empires that wanted or intended to erase certain dates.

“The Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungary, the communist regime, they all wanted to erase certain dates important for the Serbs, but they all came and went, and the dates stuck. The same will happen with the present time, everything that is vital will remain, and dates like January 9, definitely an indelible date in Srpska’s history which cannot be forgotten just like that, will stick,” Govedarica pointed out.

PDP’s Branislav Borenovic underlined that Republika Srpska is a permanent community that will outlive everything else since it was created because its citizens wanted it.

Wishing a happy Srpska Day to all its citizens, Borenovic said he hoped that everybody would fight for Srpska to become economically strong and worth living in and for all its citizens to have equal rights.

“It would be good if in the future during the Srpska Day celebrations, which will be staged for many years to come, representatives of other nations came here and thus showed their willingness to accept each other and accept what is most important – the Dayton Peace Agreement – which gave the right to Republika Srpska to have its own kind of statehood within Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Borenovic pointed out.

Source: Srna


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