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No agreement about migration crisis


Bosnian Presidency passed no decision on the migrant crisis, Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik confirmed for media on Tuesday following an urgent session.

The session was scheduled on request of Bosnia Presidency member, Zeljko Komsic, who among other things proposed the deployment of Bosnian Armed Forces to the eastern borders to prevent further influx of illegal migrants.

Dodik rejected it.

“That’s not an army’s competency. I cannot accept the deployment of the army on borders with Serbia and Montenegro,” stressed Dodik.

Dodik also rejected a proposal to deploy the European border and coast guard agency, Frontex, as, according to Dodik, it would only make the border with Croatia “harder.”

“A masochist decision that would only increase the crisis problem,” he added.

“I was outvoted regarding Frontex and procedure tells this (issue) would return to regular sessions.”

Addressing the media, Bosniak Presidency member, Sefik Dzaferovic, said he asked that the whole country shares the burden of migrant crisis equally but that his proposal is dismissed.

“My stances regarding the migrant crisis include; that Bosnia and Herzegovina must protect its border from illegal migrants’ entrance through state agencies. Second, the burden must be shared by entire Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is not fair that the burden is taken by two or three cantons with special accent on the Una-Sana Canton,” said Dzaferovic adding that Dodik objected the idea.

Dzaferovic also deems that the migrants must be treated in a humane manner and that the must respect laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Presidency Chairman confirmed he was against accommodating the migrants on the territory of Republika Srpska.

“Migrant centres won’t be built on the territory of Republika Srpska because Republika Srpska shouldn’t be collateral damage in all that,” he underlined.

According to the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs, over 9,000 migrants entered the country since the beginning of the year. As a part of a regular procedure, 8,466 of them expressed the intention to seek asylum but only 196 did so.

Migrants were reported recently to take part in several major incidents in the northwest of Bosnia, which triggered the authorities of the Una-Sana Canton to ask for the relocation of migrant centres from urban zones for security reasons.


Source: N1


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