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Novak Djoković: I grew up on clay and I dreamt about Paris!

The clay of Paris was the dream for Djokovic since he was a little boy.

Srodna slika

The best tennis player of the world, Novak Djokovic, is fighting for new Grand Slam trophy on the French Open, and he is using his rare breaks between matches and training to familiarize his fans with his habits.

He published a video before the eight of finals where he talks about the details from his career and life which shaped him as a person.

Serbian tennis player talked about his role models and hanging out with fans, which means a lot to him.

– I was 6, 7 years old when I started doing tennis. My sports models were Michael Jordan, Pete Sampras, and Alberto Tomba. Jordan for obvious reasons. One of the best athletes of all times, I don’t know if there is anyone who doesn’t like him, Sampras, because I like his champions mentality. I love the way he plays.

Besides that, Djokovic revealed how he fell in love with the French Open.

– I grew up on clay. The French Open was the most prestigious competition you could participate in. That was certainly the competition I dreamt of. There is a thing that I will always remember. It was a famous song that I used to sing. I didn’t understand French, or English back then, but I understood the sound.

– You are alone in the court. It is a great honor to play in front of the audience which supports you and which gives you strength. I try to return that energy to them, not just through the matches I play, but also through interaction with the fans and people which I meet during these two-three weeks. I love Paris, I have my habits and the places where I like to go. We will talk about that…



Source: telegraf.rs


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