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Novak Đoković Defeated Struff


Top Serbian tennis player Novak Đoković defeated German tennis player Jan Lennard Struff in the first round of the Australian Open 3: 1 (7: 6, 6: 2, 2: 6, 6: 2) in sets.

Đoković had a great start to this match, without any problems winning the first game in which Struff twice sent the ball into the stands with the help of a racket.

Struff immediately responded with two tied games on his own service, to have Novak break even in the fifth game, and he would soon confirm it and come one step away from winning the first set.

Novak had a 5: 2 lead and an advantage, but Struff first tied three points and then two more games to reach 5: 5. The set went on a break-break, which Đoković attributed to himself after much drama.

In the second set, things worked very similarly. There were no surprises in the first three games, and then Novak Đoković was able to break even and gain a nice advantage that he didn’t give up so easily this time.

It all looked like the first set. Struff brave, Đoković excellent and gets a 5-2 advantage in favor of the Serbian tennis player. The difference this time was that Novak was more cautious and sophisticated and therefore did not allow any surprise.

In the third set, however, Đoković played slightly less well and seemed somewhat too relaxed. Struff, on the other hand, was “sharpened” and immediately took Novak’s break. He then returned to the game, with a quick gem on his serve, and another break, for Struff to have a ready answer, another good serve, a break and a new two-game lead with 4: 2.

Two more fast games were won by Jan-Lenard Struff and won the third set very convincingly and indicated that a great continuation of the match awaits us.

The fourth set began with Novak Đoković’s break. He was able to easily win the first one and then to confirm the game at his service with only one point scored by Jan-Lenard Struff.

Struff returned in the next game, reduced to 2: 1 and that was the last game in this match that Jan-Lenard Struff managed to win.

Đoković thus convincingly, but with a little oscillation, managed to qualify for the next round of the competition.

This was also the 900th victory for Novak Đoković in his career.




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