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November 11th the special session of the National assembly on the SDA Declaration


The Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik has said that the special session of the Republika Srpska National Assembly on the SDA declaration is going to be held on November 11th.

Dodik has also announced that SNSD’s Denis Šulić will be appointed as vice-president of the National Assembly, and that is not related with the SDA.

Dodik, who is also the leader of the SNSD, has said that this party will no longer call for the formation of government in BiH, and said that those who think than can cheat should be concerned about that.

“I mean both, the SDA and the SDS and PDP. The SDA is cheating its voters that it will be all right if they push the SNSD, these other Srpska’s parties are cheating the voters in Srpska, convincing them that the four parliamentary seats they have are more than nine as we have. And that it does not matter whether they lost or won the election”, Dodik told for Belgrade-based daily “EuroBlic”.

Asked what he would do if Mirko Šarović assembled a majority in Sarajevo without the SNSD, Dodik replied that Šarović is not in a position to collect anything because that job is reserved for the winners in this organized BiH.

He has added that the more important question, which should be addressed to Šarović, is what he would do if he, as the loser of the elections, enters the new convocation of the Council of Ministers, and whether this means, among other things, that he would bypass the National Assembly’s decisions on military to support the adoption and submission of the ANP, which is a requirement of the SDA and the DF for the constitution of the Council of Ministers.

Dodik has said that he is not clear how he is blocking progress when there is no agreement in BiH, and believes that Americans will label him as someone who does so as long as they put their interests above the interests of the Serb people in BiH, and even the entire BiH.

He has repeated that today’s situation in BiH is the direct consequence of the interference of unelected foreigners in internal affairs in BiH, and that, as an experiment, it barely survives, that is, being kept alive on machines.

Dodik has said that the time of international interventionism had past and stressed that the international conference on BiH would not be possible unless large powers, entities in BiH and the region, as it did in Dayton, agree on its holding.

He has stated that US Special Representative for the Western Balkans Matthew Palmer, by his testimony before the Senate, indicated that he did not intend to leave the matrix that US officials had behaved here for years.

“I replied to him the same day that it would be good for him, for example, to read what his president thinks about sovereign nations in the world today. It would be good if he read only part of Trump’s statement to the UN and heard that the future belongs to sovereign and independent nations that they protect their citizens, respect their neighbours and the differences that make each country special and unique”, Dodik said.

He has added that he agreed and would strive to continue to do so in the spirit of what the President of the United States of America said.

Dodik has stressed that there is no consensus in BiH on the need for increased presence of US representatives, although the part of the political scene would be happy to engage the US in imposing solutions that Bosniaks would like, but that those from Sarajevo do not support Trump’s policies and what speaks publicly.

He has also stressed that the EU is facing with a crisis within its borders and that more messages and lessons are drawn from the refusal of Northern Macedonia and Albania to begin accession negotiations.

“The EU decision regarding Northern Macedonia and Albania makes us to think whether partnering with the EU, which we see is not entirely reliable, is the only foreign policy course we can take. Should we renounce partnership with other great powers and markets such as, for example, Russia, China or Turkey. I think we should not”, Dodik said.

He has said that he proposes to continue reforming society in accordance with European legislation, but not because of the EU, but for our own sake.

Dodik has also pointed out that he went to the BiH Presidency with a certain amount of optimism to move things around, at least in the part where there is no dispute, but that his willingness is not enough to do anything about it.

“At least, I can prevent the Presidency to cause damage to the interests of Republika Srpska”, Dodik told, who said that it would be irresponsible for the huge number of citizens who gave him confidence in the elections to step down from his current position.

Dodik has noted that he or the SNSD are not a political factor in the Federation of BiH, and more than a year, they had not completed the process of formation the authority in the cantons or at all levels of the Federation.

BiH is in crisis, Dodik has noticed, but is not a threat to peace and stability within or beyond its borders.


Source: srna


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