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OC ”Jahorina”: New Year, New Records


Jahorina Olympic Centre entered the new year accomplishing new records during December, and thanks to the investment works in total, all parameters are on the rise.

OC Jahorina is pleased to announce these new successes, wishing everyone a happy and successful New Year and good skiing in the coming period as well.

Jahorina Ski Centre will be open during the holidays from 9 am to 4 pm day skiing and from 6 pm to 9 pm for night skiing.

In order to avoid crowds and waiting, new outlets and ski passes have been opened and it is possible to buy ski passes at “Ana” and “Ana 1” ski rentals as well as at “Kristal” ski rental.

The facility for skiers has a new cabin gondola “Emir Kusturica”, with a capacity of 2.700 skiers per hour, which also represents a good connection with the rest of the ski resort.
The new ”Poljice” ski lift is available to skiers, which has increased its capacity four times compared to the old installation in the same place.

The six-seater “Poljice” and “Ogorjelica” were put into operation, as well as the “Poljice” polygon, in which another movable lane, adapted for children and beginners in skiing, was installed.

To celebrate the Orthodox New Year, a concert by Darko Lazić was announced, and on the 25th January, a day party with the “Amadeus Band”, beginning at 3 pm.



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