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On This Day a Great Borislav Pekić Was Born


The great Serbian writer Borislav Pekić, author of “The Golden Fleece”, “Times of Miracles”, “Rabies” … was born on February 4, 1930.

Pekić was a novelist with a distinct sense of subtle nuance and psychological and sociological analysis, imbued with an ironic attitude toward the world.

Because of his affiliation with the illegal organization of the Federal Democratic Youth of Yugoslavia, he spent several years in prison after World War II.

He is one of the founders of the 1989 Democratic Party, the first opposition party after half a century of communist rule in Serbia.

His most famous works are: novels “The Time of Miracles,” “The Rise and Fall of Icarus Gubelkian,” “How to Quiet a Vampire,” “The Golden Fleece,” “Atlantis,” “New Jerusalem,” “The Argonauts,” ” Letters from Abroad”…

Pekić has also written dramas: “How to Have Fun with Mr. Martin,” “On a Crazy White Stone,” and a screenplay for “Day Fourteen.”

He has been the recipient of the NIN Award for his novel “The Pilgrimage of Arseniy Hisogan” from 1970 and a number of other awards such as: “Steria’s Attention” Award, Publisher Association Award, Annual Association of Writers Association of Serbia for Collected Works, “Njegoš’s Awards”, Order of Merit for people with a silver star for their contribution to cultural creativity …

Borislav Pekić died on July 2, 1992, in London.




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