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One of the leading Tourism Companies in the World visited the RS


Minister of Trade and Tourism Predrag Gluhakovic talked with representatives of Thomas Cook, the oldest and one of the leading tourism companies in the world.

They discussed the possibilities for additional promotion of the RS on the world tourism market, for which was recorded interest of the company that has its branches all over the world and records more than 19 million tourist services every year.

Representatives of the company spent several days in the RS and they visited, among others, Jahorina, Visegrad, Banja Luka and Sutjeska. They expressed their delight with a great potential of the RS.

Minister Gluhakovic expressed his readiness for future cooperation and potential models of representing destinations of the RS on an international level by a famous company.

“Since the company Thomas Cook established cooperation with neighbouring countries when it comes to successful promotion and creating a positive tourist image of those countries, we believe that the RS will achieve great benefit from this type of cooperation,” stated Minister Gluhakovic.

At the meeting was confirmed that representatives of this company will visit the RS in May this year, and they will visit other destinations in the RS then.


Source: sarajevotimes


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