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One-off assistance will be paid out to all pensioners in Srpska


Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic says the Government made a decision on Monday to grant one-off assistance to all pensioners in Republika Srpska.

“This decision exceeds all earlier plans for one-off assistance to only the pensioners with lowest income, meaning that we have reached a more favourable decision to pay out one-off assistance to all pensioners depending on their monthly income,” the prime minister told a Monday press conference after a meeting with head of the Pensioners Union Rade Rakulje and chair of the parliamentary committee for monitoring the situation in the field of pension and disability insurance, Ilija Stevancevic, and after a Government session where ministers discussed ways for improving the position of pensioners in Republika Srpska.

She elaborated that pensioners whose pension is equal to the amount of the average pension of BAM366 should receive one-off assistance in the amount of 100 convertible marks, while the pensioners with pensions of an average salary of BAM850 should receive 50 convertible marks, and those with the pension higher than the average salary should receive 30 marks.

Regular pensions will be disbursed on September 10 and the one-off assistance most probably around September 20, she said.

It is estimated that the payment of one-off assistance will require around BAM17 million.




Source: srna


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