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One step away from a contract for the construction of the highway Banjaluka – Prnjavor


Consent was given at a session of the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H for the ratification of the Financing Contract between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska, the European Investment Bank and the Public Enterprise “Highways of Republika Srpska”.

With this move, the design and construction contract can soon be signed with the contractor responsible for the construction of the highway Banja Luka – Doboj, in the direction of Banja Luka – Prnjavor.

The only thing preventing “Highways of Srpska” from exercising the full effectiveness of the loan agreement with the EIB is ratification in the Presidency of B&H, after which a contract with the selected contractor can be signed.

“Highways of Srpska” last year completed the tender procedure for selecting the most appropriate contractor on the basis of the submitted technical and financial bids. Namely, the job was assigned to a consortium of companies, “Integral engineering” Laktasi and “Granit” Skoplje.

The proposed loan agreement between “Highways” and EIB has undergone the complete procedure of approval in all competent authorities at all levels of government, after which it was officially signed, however for the agreement to be effective, the ratification of the signed document is necessary.

Upon the completion of these procedures and the signing of a agreement with the contractor, we can expect the constructions to start on the 35.3 kilometer long motorway between Banja Luka and Prnjavor.


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