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Only Fools and Horses: When Boycie Meets a Young Man From Serbia


There was once a Boycie, a used car salesman, an upstart, a resident of Peckham, a frequent guest of the Nag’s Head, and not a very pleasant guy.

He has a wife Marlin, drives a good car and has always had plenty of money.

Well, Boycie met a guy from Serbia a few days ago and wrote about it on Twitter.

“Young Lazar Vukovič bought me a big one – and by that I mean a BIG cognac – and promised to take me to Serbia! I have heard rumors that “Only Fools and Horses” are popular in the Balkans, ” actor John Challis wrote on Twitter.

Here are some things that show how popular the”Only Fools and Horses” Balkans are.

1) Quotes
“Prince Lazar. Miloš Obilić. Prince Mihajlo Obrenović. To this list of Serbian folk heroes could be added another, unexpected name – Derek Trotter. ”

In those words, Neil Clark, a Guardian journalist, began an article about the great popularity of the Peckham brothers in Serbia, now as far back as 2010.

For decades, they’ve been citing a businessman named Del Boy.

“He who dares wins” – or the brave ones win -and some also know to throw out Del’s “French” saying “Pot pourri.”

There are also those who, like Uncle Albert, start stories from ancient times “during the war …”, but over the years one sentence has remained unanswered: “We will be millionaires next year.”

One day, one day.

2) Graffiti
Yes, wherever you go you can easily come across the characters from OFAH on the walls.

The most famous is the graffiti from Zrenjanin, dating back to 2014: Peckham, Madrid, Bagljaš – which is part of Zrenjanin – writes on a large wall, next to paintings by Del Boy, Rodney and Uncle Albert.

Of course, there is that sentence that starts with “next year at this time …”

A picture of graffiti was shared on Twitter last year by Boycie.

And Zrenjanin is not the only city that has heroes from the market in Peckham on the walls.










Del Boy in Blok 62, Novi Beograd, Serbia.










Del Boy and Rodney, Novi Sad, Serbia.

3) Reruns
Yes, more than 15 years after the end of the series, Flies continue to be aired regularly on television in Serbia. Basically, whenever you play TV you can run into them.

And what to switch to another channel when you are already there.

4) The Mickey Pierce Band
Yes, Mickey Pierce – Rodney’s blatant buddy cheering for Millwall – has a band named after him. This is a punk band whose fans are, behold, wonders, fans of the OFAH. The record label that they released the album for is called “Trotter independent,” and they’ve released songs like “In Nag’s Head” and “Trotter”.

5) T-shirts
Yes, T-shirts can be seen and purchased every step of the way, and the Internet is full of them.

T-shirts featuring Boycie character, Uncle Albert, and even Trigger and his famous “Alright, Dave?”

“If he was a boy, he would call him Rodney, after Dave,” reads an inscription on a T-shirt with his character, and there are some with the text “he only had one broom …”

Only fools and horses are very popular throughout the Balkans and this will not change for a long time.






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