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Open air exhibition of Romanian Inventors kick starts Europe Day celebrations in BiH


It is very relevant and telling that we are organising this exhibition as the start of Europe Day celebrations, as it addresses key topics for the European Union – it is about innovation, transfer of knowledge and about the future,” said Khaldoun Sinno, Deputy Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina, during the opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition displayed in front of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo portrays 26 famous Romanian inventors and scientists and their greatest achievements, organised by the EU Info Centre and the Romanian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the framework of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council.

“Here we have an example of one of our member states that has made a contribution to not only European heritage, but world heritage, and in science, which is the same, be it in Sarajevo, Brussels, New York or Beijing. Science knows no borders, and in the context of the EU accession process for all the countries in the Western Balkans region, the EU has opened our internal programmes to all the countries in the accession process for participation,” Sinno remarked.

We are happy to present a lesser known part of Romania – its contribution to the world of science and to acknowledge the fact that science has no boundaries and no limits and it is one of the best forms of international cooperation. This exhibition is an invitation for collaboration since many of the scientists presented collaborated with others to achieve their goals. Many of them are teachers and founders of scientific schools which shows the importance of education. This is a call for young generations to follow their dreams, work hard and never quit,” said Mrs Dana Constantinescu, Romanian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sinno also welcomed the young BiH innovator, Dženan Kovačić, winner of the Falling Walls Lab competition, who will represent the country on the global stage with his innovative approach to curing tuberculosis: “This is what we want and why we encourage exchanges of students, scientists. I am pleased to see this many young people here today, and please, learn from these examples – the European Union is here for you and many opportunities are available for you – grab them!”

Europe Day is celebrated every year on May 9 to mark the anniversary of the historical ‘Schuman Declaration’ that set out the underlying principles that the EU has been built on. It is an occasion to celebrate the EU’s achievements – lasting peace, economic cooperation and border-free travel.


Source: europa.ba


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