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Opposition Rally and Counter-Rally “for Republika Srpska” Held in Banja Luka Last Night


Last night, two protests were held in Banja Luka in Mladen Stojanović Park, a rally of opposition and a counter-rally by the veterans of the Defense and Fatherland War in support of the Republika Srpska institutions over recent events in the RS National Assembly (NSRS).

Namely, a young MP in the NSRS, Draško Stanivuković, opted for the protests after he was hit on Monday by Republika Srpska Police Minister Dragan Lukač. The incident was caused by Stanivuković’s waving of NATO flags, as the NSRS Special Session on the “Reform Program” was held that day.

At the opposition protests, many SDS and PDP MPs addressed the party last night in Banja Luka.

“This is the first time in history that we are in the same place as citizens of Republika Srpska in two gatherings,” Draško Stanivuković told the gathering.

After Draško Stanivuković, PDP President Branislav Borenović addressed the gathering and said – This is Republika Srpska!

“We demand the responsibility of those who submitted a false document in the Assembly and the dismissal of Minister Dragan Lukač,” Jelena Trivić said, adding:

“We have a loop because we love this country, it is ours as much as their struggle will be long and difficult but we must not let go.”

The counter-rally began with the address of Milorad Savić Čiče, a war commander from Republika Srpska. Numerous war veterans came to the gathering.

“After a quarter-century of fighting for Republika Srpska, we are here to express our support for our Republika Srpska and its institutions, which was our war objective. In truth, the Republika Srpska was created by the will of the Serbian people,” Savić said.

In addition to supporting Republika Srpska, he also expressed his support for Interior Minister Dragan Lukač.




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