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“Opposition’s most common circus and performance”


Zeljka Cvijanovic, prime minister of Republika Srpska,  called the approach by the opposition to the alleged audio recording of “buying deputies in RS” “the most common circus.”

“Yet another performance by a spent opposition,” said Cvijanovic in a statement to Fena, commenting on the claims by the opposition in the RS National Assembly that a forensic analysis confirmed the authenticity of the recording, in which the voice of the RS prime minister is allegedly heard to discuss the “buying” of RS delegates.
“After they tried to make a circus of the National Assembly – and didn’t succeed – then the opposition turned to private detective agencies.

Tragicomic. Obviously this is about a recording of the only topic that still keeps them together and with which they are trying to cover their own catastrophic mistakes they’ve committed in Sarajevo, their own political weakness and internal divisions,” said Cvijanovic.

Since, she says, the opposition themselves said that the material they are presenting is not legally valid, then it only remains to “call today’s performance by the opposition a most common circus.”

The RS National Assembly opposition today called on Cvijanovic to resign after presenting information about the authenticity of an audio recording regarding a “bribery affair of RS delegates,” because, as they said, it is the least she could do after she “lied” to RS citizens, claiming that in this case she is “as innocent as a child’s tears.”

If Cvijanovic does not resign, they will take certain measures, but they did not discuss these today.

Dragan Cavic, NDP delegate, today at a press conference said that at his request a forensic analysis of the recording was performed at the National Forensic Institute in Holland.

They are aware, he says, that all this cannot be admissible evidence in legal prosecution, but they emphasize that in similar situations around the world, actors in these affairs have resigned.

Source: Oslobodjenje.ba


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