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Orlovaca Cave: The hidden Beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Orlovača cave is one of the most beautiful caves in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Orlovaca cave system is one of the most significant caves in Bosnia. It’s located on the hill with the same name, in Sumbulovac, 1 km from the main road Sarajevo-Zvornik. The nearest urban centers are Pale and Sarajevo which are distanced 10 km and 15 km, respectively, so the cave is in the excursion zones. One of the most important winter tourism centers “Jahorina” is just 25km distanced from the cave.

Orlovaca jewelry is unique. This is the hidden indescribable beauty, where the stalagmites, stalactites and halaktiti interspersed with fragments of coral and aragonite jewelry and unique cave pillars, reminiscent of antique and Renaissance castles and monuments of different colors. It’s embellished with a series of drapery of tiniest looks and different forms. Enriched beautiful landscape with saliva like petrified waterfalls, colorfully giving the cave the perfect ambience design. Orlovača is an outstanding speleological site, where the cave bears have lived (Ursus speleus), a distant ancestor of brown bears (Ursus arctos), more than 16,000 years ago.

The cave is home to the most vulnerable groups of mammals in Europe – a bat (Microcom hipoptrea), which belongs to the endemic entemofauna. Besides the bear’s bones which were founded at a distance of around 400 meters from the entrance to the cave, there were some very interesting archaeological details, such as fragments of pottery from the Mesolithic, then ammonites – residents of Mesozoic sea, and an old ax made between 2,500 and 3,500 years ago. The total length of the cave channels is more than two and a half kilometers, and for tourists around 560 meters of concrete paths and contemporary lighting are available. Visits to Orlovača cave have to be reserved in the Cultural Center of Pale.


Source: TheSarajevoTimes


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