Home News Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter, today is Easter Monday

Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter, today is Easter Monday


The Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates the second day of the Easter Sunday – Easter Monday.

The Church celebrate Easter three days,  Easter Monday and Easter Tuesday marked the red letter in the calendar of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Eastern Orthodox Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ on Sunday, a holiday that glorifies the victory of faith and life over death.

The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Irinej, said during his Easter Sunday speech that for Serbs, Kosovo and Metohija are the spiritual cradle. He wished that peace and freedom return to the area but warned that the entire world is facing many troubles, terrorism and war.

“Let us hug each other! Not only those who love us, let us hug our enemies with our love too!” the patriarch appealed. “Let us forgive because the Lord has forgiven our sins at the Cross,” he said.


Source: N1


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