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Our heritage, where the past meets the future: Exhibition of art collection in Banja Luka


Hundred art works by 80 authors from 17 countries around the world will be presented at the exhibition “Punctums: Foreign art collection of Museum of contemporary crt of the Republic of Srpska”, which is scheduled to open at this institution on Friday at 20:00 and it will last until August 30 this year.

European Commission proclaimed 2018 as European year of Cultural Heritage, and on that occasion works of foreign artists owned by Museum will be presented. Some of them were brought to Banja Luka from former Yugoslavia, Europe and the world in action of solidarity from 1969 to 1975. In this action, after a disastrous earthquake that struck city on Vrbas in 1969, more than 750 works of art were collected, of which 360 came from countries outside the borders of the former state. These works are also an important foundation for the founding of the museum.

“Although it is a collection that includes more than 360 works of art, we selected 100 of them by 80 authors from 17 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Georgia, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Norway, Germany, Poland, Russia, Turkey, France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Spain). We are very proud that our collection contains works of important European authors, whose work marked the European art scene of the second half of the 20th century”,said Sarita Vujković. She points out that some of authors whose works comprise this exhibition include: Oto Pine, Ginter Iker, Heinz Mak, Hans Hartung, Pierre Aleshinski, Stanley William Heiter, Jean Mesaghey, Zao Vu-Ki, Shoiche Hasegava and others.

With these names, we point out richness of European heritage, says Vujkovic, but also the legacy that is strong impetus for the future, and the slogan of the European Year of Cultural Heritage is “Our heritage, where the past meets the future”.

“Unfortunately, this valuable collection has not yet been adequately presented, which left it almost unknown to the general public. That is why a special exhibition project was designed to point out the importance of collection of foreign art and to initiate the promotion of the European cultural heritage preserved by our institution”,emphasized Vujković, stressing that this is an opportunity for these valuable works to receive professional revaluation, the necessary conservation and restoration protection, but also a contemporary museological presentation of cultural heritage, which will initiate a different communication with the audience in the museum, encouraging citizens to explore the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Europe.




Source: Nezavisne


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