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Over 560 Million KM Has Been Invested in Housing Loans in Srpska


In the Republic of Srpska, so far, over 560 million KM for 12,100 users have been placed under housing loans, and currently, 6,510 housing loans in the amount of 284 million KM are being repaid, said Acting Director of the Republic of Srpska Investment and Development Bank Dražen Vrhovac.

Vrhovac emphasized that the conditions under which loans for housing loans are granted are continuously adjusted to the requirements and needs of end-users, and that will continue.

He said the latest changes to the December rule allowed young married couples up to the age of 30 to borrow at a fixed interest rate of three percent annually.

– Behind the RBI, according to all preliminary indicators, is another extremely successful business year. A total of KM 155 million was disbursed to credit lines, of which about two-thirds were granted to legal entities. The credit placements plan for last year was exceeded by about 70 percent. In addition, around 66 million KM was invested in investing in securities – said Vrhovac.

When it comes to the capital market, Vrhovac said that almost 560 million KM has been invested in securities of issuers from Srpska, of which more than 100 million KM was intended for the domestic economy.

Referring to the concrete activities of the RBI regarding support to foreign investors, but also to the domestic economy, Vrhovac emphasizes that RBI strongly supports and stimulates foreign investors to act in Srpska.

When it comes to the development of the domestic economy, Vrhovac stated that recently the interest rate has been reduced from 4.4 to three percent in the line of credit for entrepreneurs and enterprises for loans for the acquisition of new technologies and equipment, which will enable entrepreneurs to develop and increase their competitiveness.

He stressed that RBI’s focus will continue to be on financing social and economic reconstruction and the development of Srpska.




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