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Over BAM 611 million approved for 291 projects


Banjaluka, September 26  – The Ministry of Finance of Republika Srpska allocated BAM611,433,844 from the socio-economic component of its Development Programme until the end of July, while the remaining sum for new projects totals BAM625,156, the ministry told Srna.
According to the decisions of the entity Development Council, 291 projects have been approved in the area of infrastructure, education and human resource improvement, as well health care and pension reform.

There are 224 projects whose financing has finished and they are implemented in all municipalities and cities, which is in compliance with the idea of balanced regional development.

The most significant projects financed this way include the ring road in Bijeljina and the roundabouts in Banjaluka, which helped reduce jams on the cities’ major roads, as well as the projects that facilitated a considerably easier journey through the Cemerno saddle.

The education projects financed from the Development Programme are the new school in Pale and new schools in Modrica and Kasindol, electronic grade books and minibuses.

The youth in small places now have access to sports halls in their towns, family health centres are housed in the facilities that are operating order, and the Retirement Home in Banjaluka has been put in operation, notes the ministry.

Numerous village roads have been paved and lighting has been installed on them, while an amount of BAM36 million was spent on accommodation for fallen veterans’ families.

The ministry adds that the Srpska Government defined at its 41st session the information on the implementation of the Development Programme socio-economic component.

The Development Programme defines the plan of investing in two components the proceeds made through the privatisation of Telecom Srpske, namely BAM1.26 billion.

The first, business and development component covers 51.4 percent of the funds (BAM647,641,000) and is under the competence of the Investment and Development Bank of Republika Srpska, which invests the funds through loans.

The second one is a socio-economic component which covers 48.6 percent of the funds or BAM612,059,000 and is under the competence of the Ministry of Finance. It is used to finance community beneficial investments on a grant basis.

Source: SRNA


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