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Over Eight Thousand Young People renounced BiH’s Citizenship


In the past four and a half years, 18,759 of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) have renounced their BiH citizenship, of which 8,167 are young people who obviously do not intend to return.

In the first six months of this year only, we lost 1,758 citizens, 690 of whom are under 30, and this trend will only grow, according to sociologist Amer Osmic.

“The departure of young people is not declining, and we will have a situation that more and more people will renounce their citizenship because their descendants will be born in Sweden, Germany, Austria … Citizens are renouncing BiH citizenship for pragmatic reasons. This is a logical sequence of events after they left BiH, given that many countries do not allow dual citizenship, so BiH citizens choose the citizenship of the country they emigrated to.

According to United Nations projections, BiH has remained without 10 percent of the population in the last ten years, which is almost 350,000 citizens, and by 2030 it will remain without 22 percent of the population, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.


Source: sarajevotimes


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