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Pandurevic: By inventing enemies, RS government tries to cover up its crime


Aleksandra Pandurevic, member of the Serbian Democratic Party (SDS) presidency, says the government in Republika Srpska, in a panic, is “inventing internal and external enemies,” because the “investigation on Bobar and Bank Srpska, Birac, and the investigation of Pavlovic bank are coming to an end.”

“Everything happening in RS in the past several days indicates an attempt to cover up the serious crime the government has committed,” said Pandurevic at a press conference in East Sarajevo.

She says the government in RS “is so steeped in crime that it is prepared to sacrifice the people and draw them into a war to flee responsibility.”

“I am sorry the regime in RS is not interested in citizens, but rather exclusively in itself in order to protect what it kidnapped and robbed from the people,” said Pandurevic.

She condemned the RS government for not responding to questions of how much it has reduced the deficit in the health insurance and pension fund, why nothing has been realized in economic policy and the reform agenda, and how many jobs have actually been created.

She added that the government did not respond to questions of how much they have improved the lives of pensioners and veterans, what the status of Railways, RS Forestry and Post Office is, when East Sarajevo will get a hospital, who cares for the deceived workers at RAOP and UNIS, and therefore its negligence and incompetence hiding behind inventing charges.

Source: Oslobodjenje.ba


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