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Parliamentary Assembly of B&H adopts the new Law on Public Procurement


The Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina/EU Special Representative Office welcomed the adoption of the new Public Procurement Law by the House of Peoples of B&H. The EUD/EUSR commends the hard work of the Public Procurement Agency of B&H to get this law adopted as well as the Members of the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H who supported this important law. We note that the solution was achieved in a spirit of compromise between the different stakeholders.

The new legislation overhauls the current public procurement rules and transposes relevant EU directives which are proved to save taxpayers’ money and guarantee the boosting of fair competition. The EU compliant procurement system is a very effective anti-corruption measure that would ensure efficiency of public spending and, ultimately, a better quality of public services. Adoption of the new acquis compliant law would make the public procurement system in B&H more efficient and more strategic, respecting the principles of transparency and competition to the benefit of both public purchasers and economic operators.

Transparent public procurement is one of the most important areas in the overall European integration process. It is even more than a foundation of the EU Single Market. It is also a foundation of the system of integrity and responsibility, necessary for consolidating the rule of law and the functioning of democracy.

Source: ekapija.ba


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