Zoran Stankovic, a forensic expert from Belgrade who performed an autopsy on 12-year-old Serb boy named Slobodan Stojanovic, whose 1992 murder is charged on Elfeta Veseli, has told Srna he is prepared to appear before any court to elaborate on his autopsy report and opinion.

Stankovic says no one has got in touch with him yet regarding the case, but expects such a thing to happen and notes that his report and opinion are corroborated by not just the narrative but also all the photographs, which have been submitted to the competent prosecutor’s office and everyone else obliged to see them, including the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia /ICTY/.

Emphasising that the case is already being prosecuted and that an investigation is underway, Stankovic says that, according to the law, he can no longer comment on his report given he is now the subject of the trial and this is his legal obligation and restriction.

“That’s why I can’t say anything, just like I wasn’t able to say anything after the trial of Naser Oric,” said the expert, adding that he was expecting to be summoned for this case too, vowing to defend his report and opinion.

Stankovic only recalled that the boy had been found in a mass grave including four or five bodies.

“We arrived from Belgrade in the evening to perform an autopsy on the earthly remains. Only then did I realise it was a boy, I saw that it wasn’t a body of an adult,” he said.

They knew even back then that the perpetrator was Elfeta Veseli, he said, submitting that someone else should state why Elfeta Veseli had not been arrested before.

Stankovic underlined that everything about the case was well-known and described even in some books, such as the “Zločin čeka kaznu” [A Crime Awaiting Punishment].

Elfeta Veseli, who is suspected of murdering the Serb boy Slobodan Stojanovic with a cold weapon in an extremely brutal manner in Donja Kamenica outside Zvornik in 1992, has been arrested in Switzerland upon a request of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The boy, Slobodan Stojanovic, was murdered in the most brutal and atrocious manner after he managed to escape, together with other villagers, the Muslim troops raiding the area, and returned to the village to save his dog.

All attempts of the Serb army to get the boy back during negotiations had failed and the little Slobodan was found a month later in a mass grave, together with four other Serb soldiers.

A police report from the autopsy of little Slobodan indicated that the boy’s stomach was cut in the shape of a cross, that he had an ear cut off and that he was shot in the head at point-blank range.

His body was found in a pit near the village of Donja Kamenica outside Zvornik, dressed in a blue worker’s coat, together with several other killed Serbs.

An autopsy on his body was performed on March 6, 1993 by pathologist Zoran Stankovic, who then said that the boy’s decomposing body had been found in a pit in the nearby hills along with several other bodies of Serbs.

“The only thing the boy was wearing was an old, dark-blue worker’s coat with the label reading ‘Primorje’. There was nothing underneath it. He was identified by his father Ilija and mother Desanka,” Stankovic reported at the time.

Albanian woman Elfeta Veseli, who was 32 at the time, came from the same village and knew Slobodan personally.

Source: Srna


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