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Patients From Srpska Will Be Able to Receive Treatment at All Health Care Facilities in Serbia


The agreement, which will be signed today in Belgrade between the Republic of Srpska and Serbia, will enable patients from Srpska to be treated at all health care institutions in Serbia, not just those with whom the Republic of Srpska Health Insurance Fund has a contract.

The agreement on cooperation in the field of health insurance will be signed by the Minister of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Srpska Alen Šeranić, Minister of Health of Serbia Zlatibor Lončar, Director of the Serbian Health Insurance Fund Dejan Kusturić and Director of the Republican Health Insurance Fund of Serbia Sanja Radojević Skodrić.

The Republic of Srpska Ministry of Health and Social Welfare said that the goal is to conclude contracts with public health institutions in Serbia in the future, according to price lists, which will be harmonized and prepared in accordance with the methodology prescribed by the Serbian Ministry of Health.

– As before, the right to treatment in health institutions in Serbia will be enabled when such treatment cannot be carried out in health institutions in the Republic of Srpska, on the recommendation of a health institution in Srpska. The referral procedure remains the same when treatment cannot be performed in our healthcare facilities – the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare explained.




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