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Peace in Bosnia crucial for everyone in region


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic says it is important for Serbia to maintain peace in the whole region and that that is why peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina is crucial for everyone.

“We love Republika Srpska. We aren’t annoyed when they /Bosniaks/ say they like our Raska District, or Sandzak as they call it. I’m not bothered at all. They /Bosniaks/ were surprised when I told them we didn’t have a problem and that, just like we build schools, we ask them to build roads and schools in the Raska District. Build them and name those schools ‘Bosnia and Herzegovina’. I don’t have a problem with that at all,” Vucic told Television Pink.

He recalled that Serbia was building schools in Republika Srpska named Srbija, Vuk Karadzic, Dositej Obradovic, or Jovan Cvijic.

Vucic pointed out that so far no one from BiH had ever built a school, or a kindergarten in the Raska District /Sandzak/, and that only Serbia was building things in Novi Pazar and Sjenica, as well as in Srebrenica and other parts of Republika Srpska and BiH.

“We don’t have a problem with that. Any Bosniak investment in education, knowledge or school is welcome. We ask you to build them, and name them ‘BiH’. We don’t have anything against BiH. But, once they heard my answer, they have been unable to tell my anything since,” said Vucic.

He emphasised that the Serbs from Republika Srpska and Serbs from Serbia were the same people.

“There are no Croatian Serbs, there are only Serbs from Croatia, but there are no Croatian Serbs. There are no Bosnia, Albanian or Montenegrin Serbs. Because we the Serbs are one people, there is no difference among us, we belong to the same nation. However, some find this annoying,” said Vucic.

Even though some are bothered by this, Vucic is not angry when they accuse him of being a traitor or a Greater-Serbia fascist.

“I just laugh at that. I support the idea of maintaining peace and stability in the country and move forward with our economy. So far, we have managed to do that and we will be even more successful,” emphasised Vucic.


Source: srna


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