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Pecka – a paradise for active lifestyle enthusiasts (PHOTO)


Just an hour’s drive from Banja Luka, in the beautiful natural environment between the towns of Šipovo and Mrkonjić Grad in Republika Srpska, and not far from Jajce, Ključ, Glamoča and Drvar in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is Pecka village, a paradise for active lifestyle enthusiasts, which has the potential to quickly become the top destination in this part of BiH.

The area of Pecka in Roman times was an important station on the “Via Salona” – The Way of Salt from Split to Sremska Mitrovica, and his name was Sarnade. Pecka was named after the porous rocks “Kingdom of holes” that rise above the whole village, among climbers is known as the largest natural climbing area in the region, equipped with over 100 climbing routes. In Pecka surroundings there is the Sana River spring, a tributary of the river Una, 146 km long. Hiking and biking trails are well marked with a distance of 50km. The most significant natural attractions near Pecka are: Canyon and sources of the river Sana, Pliva river sources, rainforest Janj and mountains: Dimitor, Vitorog, Klekovača and Šator, all about 2000 meters above sea level.

There are 10 cycling trails and even more walking trails on the Roman and macadam paths around Pecka and the surrounding villages. Pecka will be the first village to be the first village with recorded and marked cycling tracks, a tourist map with drawn paths, as well as a bicycle service and rental bicycles. Possibilities for mountain biking are practically inexhaustible, and on the other hand the hospitality and the warmth of people living in this area are as exceptional as the food they are offered. Pecka gives you the opportunity to explore, socialize, entertain, and explore different outdoor adventures.
The Visitor Center is located underneath the rock climbing base. This Center is the starting and ending point for picnics, climbing, bicycle riding, hiking in the highlands of Krajina and meeting with the guides. The main aim of this Center is to provide information to visitors about the routes, tourist attractions, local food producers, accommodation, etc. The Center owns adequate infrastructure, parking places for visitors as well as catering facilities.

Last year there was organized the first Pecka Outdoor Festival! This festival is designed as a celebration of mountain biking, active life, healthy habits and family gatherings in nature, with the additional aim of popularizing the extremely attractive and undiscovered Pecka area. Designed as a socially responsible tourist product. The festival was divided into two dominant events. The first is the Pecka Marathon XCM, and the second Active Family Day. There is no other Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina like this, and there is just few of them in the region and according to last year participants there is a need for this kind of recreation and family activities.

For this year the Festival will be held on 1-2.June 2019 in Pecka and the program is continuing to celebrate active life, bonding with nature and gathering in nature in purpose to enjoy in beautiful Pecka region and surrounding attractions.

Mr Boro Maric, the festival organizer said: We’re planning to continue with the main idea of festival to become one of the largest outdoor event in region, place where everyone can find the outdoor activity for itself or just to enjoy in Pecka scenery. We believe that Pecka will become an important recreation hub for families that want to spend some time far from the city, enjoying local products and the marvels of nature.

Everyone who wants to participate can follow our FB Visitor center Pecka and Pecka Outdoor festival for more information’s and updates or you can visit us in Pecka!

FACTS about Pecka
– The biggest free climbing area in the region
– The karst sources of the river Sana
– More than 50 km of climbing and mount biking routes
– Estavelle Mračaj
– This area is rich with more than 365 clear water springs
– Numerous archeological sites from the Roman period
– Pecka Rock climbing festival that occurs every year in May


Author: Ana Lakić



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