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Pepetuska – Interesting Story about Personalized Dolls


Girls and dolls have a secret relationship. In their wish to give girls the unique dolls that they will remember for the rest of their life, two companions, today business associates, have begun to develop the Pepetuska brand.















(Arnela Horman and Maja Gerin)

What was the idea has grown into the production of personalized dolls.

“The idea of Pepetuska was born when I became a mother. In my desire to give my daughter the most beautiful original longhair doll, I up with the idea of ​​not looking for it on the shelves in stores, but trying to make clothes for her, which will suit my wishes as well. She was beautiful, so I created another doll for my brother’s daughter… That’s how it all went somehow, not believing that one day it would be my life call and business,” says Maja Gerin to eKapija news portal.

A bit later her longtime friend Arnela Horman joins her. “We have been friends for 20 years, more than half of life. This relationship has become even stronger. Professionally, Maja has 17 years of work as a sales manager, and her artistic sensibility has also been influenced by the art school. It is not surprising that the story of the Pepetuska started from her. I am a graduate economist, a few years later I joined Pepetuska, after many years of experience in brand management and work in large corporations. We have not even dreamed that our life will connect professionally,” says Horman.

One of the greatest desires is to open their own store where they will sell dolls.

“Our vision is to open the magical Pepetuska shop, where children can come and look at Pepetuska wardrobe and accessories,” Gerin says.

















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