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Petričević: Let’s buy domestic, because that is how we strengthen the economy of Srpska


I would call on the citizens to buy domestic products, in order to strengthen the economy of Srpska, and with that, we will fill the budget, the Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Srpska, Vjekoslav Petričević.

– In that way, they provide jobs to the citizens. We need to work on providing a higher level of processing from the sphere of wood processing and metal industry. That way, we will be more recognizable on our market, and beyond – said Petričević.

He pointed out that the measures of the Government of Srpska were adequate and that they responded well in the midst of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

– The measures met expectations and were adequate for both businessmen and workers. The public is already aware of the measures taken by the Government regarding the pandemic. In March, those decisions concerned the payment of income for all those who could not work. It includes about 40,000 workers and about 16 million marks. For April, that scope has been expanded – Vjekoslav Petričević, the Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Srpska, emphasized.

Petričević added that some measures of the FBiH Government were inadequate, as well as the distribution of international funds, but that the Government of Srpska provided liquidity to the budget and unhindered payment of pensions and all other needs.

He pointed out that employers behaved very responsibly in this time of crisis.

– The Government of the Republic of Srpska was decisive right at the beginning and the decision of the employers was in that direction, that is, it gave confidence. Employers listened to what the government was saying about keeping jobs. There were problems with dismissals in the region, and we can say that our data are very optimistic – said Petričević.

In that context, Petričević stated that 3,000 workers were registered at the offices of the Employment Bureau, of which 1,500 had an indefinite contract, and emphasized that at the same time there was an increase in employees in certain sectors of activity.

Among those sectors, as he stated, are the processing industry, then the leather, textile and footwear industry, where there was a redirection of production, such as the production of protective masks.

According to him, there are examples of such companies that have achieved serious, long-term contracts with foreign partners and which now have a need for new employment.

Petričević emphasized that more attention will be paid to digital business because the situation with the coronavirus showed that those companies that entered the digitalization process in the earlier period “can now charge for it”. He added that such companies recorded a higher level of turnover and everything else important for the business.




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