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PIC welcomes appointment of Tegeltija


Political directors of the Peace Implementation Council welcomed today the decision the appoint Zoran Tegeltija as a candidate for chairman of the Council of Ministers.

Deputy High Representative Michael Scanlan told a press conference after a two-day session that members of the Peace Implementation Council Steering Board urge for government formation in the FBiH and Cantons without delay.

He has said that when it comes to a communiqué that was accepted by directors of other member states, the Russian Federation dissented.

Scanlan called on the authorities to increase the budget which has been frozen since 2012 at BAM 950 million, having in mind that there was not a migrant crisis back then or other obligations of BiH created in the meantime.

“We hope that accelerated reforms will start now. We urge for the formation of authorities as soon as possible both at the level of the FBiH and Cantons. The BiH Budget has been frozen for seven years at BAM 950 million, which limits the country’s capacities to function in keeping with the constitutional and legal obligations. We urge for quick adoption of a budget,” Scanlan said.

High Representative Valentin Inzko has said that December will mark, as he says, the sad 10th anniversary of the failure to implement the Sejdić-Finci ruling, stressing that ambassadors urged the authorities to meet their obligations. /end/sg


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